Home for the Howlidays

Print ISBN: 978-1-989407-35-6
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-989407-36-3
A Howliday Invitation
Celebrate the joys of togetherness during the holiday season with your friends, your family … and your pack. Let’s face it, whether you’re facing awkward family dinners, supernatural brawls, or the terrors of online dating, your pack always has your back.

Werewolves, hell hounds, and other canines take centre stage in these nineteen stories by Angèle Gougeon; Sarah Hersman; Rhonda Parrish; JB Riley; Louis B. Rosenberg; Robert W. Easton; Jennifer Lee Rossman; Lisa Timpf; Rachel Sharp; Sarah L. Johnson & Robert Bose; Krista D. Ball; Rebecca M. Senese; Lizz Donnelly; Adam Israel; E.C. Bell; Melanie Marttila; J. Y. T. Kennedy; Rebecca Brae; and V. F. LeSann.
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