Fortress of the Heart

A queen trapped in a castle during a siege is torn between duty to the king she cares about, and love for the knight sworn to them both.
Faylin knows she is not the type to entice a man. She’s too broad, too exotic, too strong willed. But more importantly, she is a sorceress in a land where magic is mistrusted. When she married King Cheston, she thought that she had finally found a place in which to grow roots. At least until Gancett, a former suitor, laid siege to her new husband’s castle.

As a handsome new warrior rides to their defense, she feels torn between duty to the husband she barely knows, and her heart’s desire she sees in a man she just met. Cannelyr has been unlucky in love, and is recovering from his last romantic disaster. When his King calls for aid, he gathers his forces and rides into the siege, joining forces with the beleaguered ruler. When he first sees Queen Faylin, he resists his hearts calling and doubles down on his duty to his king. But when Cheston is injured, he is forced to help manage the fortress at the queen’s side.

Has Cannelyr’s bad luck in love struck a new low, or will it finally turn around for them both?
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