005 Fantastically Askew

Let go of your preconceived ideas about what fantasy means, come explore what being Fantastically Askew is all about, in both poetry and prose. We think you will find the journey one that you won’t soon forget.
This is the fifth installment of the Askew Anthology series, and this volume is about the worlds of fantasy. We challenged our writers to explore the realms of fantasy from new perspectives, such as magepunk (a blending of the steampunk genre with the magic elements of a fantasy) or other, outside the box takes.\n\nWe weren’t disappointed in the results. As usual, we found that sometimes, our askew authors and poets color far outside the lines, and that is a wonderful part of being askew as well. In these pages you will experience fantastic worlds where technology and magic coexist in harmony, and others where the two collide head-on, leaving a swath of pain and destruction in their wake. We have hidden worlds, journeys through time, and even a high-tech wizard or two.\n\nThis volume also marks the appearance of some of our youngest askew talent yet. Short stories, flash stories and poetry by some of the brightest new teen stars on the askew horizon await you in this volume.
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