It’s day 14 of NaNoWriMo. Today, I crossed over 25,000 words. Writing a novel in a month is an adventure, and I’d love to walk through it publicly someday. There are few breadcrumbs as I run headlong into the tangled underbrush of my imagination and vision.

What is clear is that I am a deeply troubled man, with issues complex and disturbing. It started off as a fantasy romance…

Stop. Those two words beg an entire blog post on their own; suffice it to say that when I say Fantasy Romance, I mean a story that is both a Fantasy story and a Romance story, but most people use the term in a more “I wish a vampire would bite me and bang me forever” kind of modern day thing, where the actual romance isn’t really that fulfilling but is short hand for two people getting together in a casual way that probably won’t last.

…but has turned out pretty dark. Despair, horror, lust, and violence all play prominent roles in the story that is evolving under my fingertips.

This is Book 2 to a series I’m writing. The first is about a pair of people who are in a castle under siege. It is a romance first, but a military fantasy a close second. Battle scenes and military lingo take up a fair bit of page space, and I know that I risk driving away the casual romance reader. But I write what I want to read, and if that deviates from the formula, well, maybe I’ll live and learn.

Book 3 will be about a young recluse of a boy, a dragon, and the sassy village girl. It’s really about music, based on the idea: what if music is a curse? I love this story and tried to write it during Camp NaNoWriMo in April, but I got bogged down writing unimportant details and abandoned it after 9000 words or so. Fitting it into this trilogy really fills in the missing details and I’ll restart that project in December/January.

Book 4 I envisioned a few weeks ago. There wasn’t going to be a book 4. Trilogy means three, right? So book 4 is about a girl who grows up and finds out that she is a {REDACTED} and doomed to fight an eternal battle. Think Ladyhawke meets Spawn meets Ender’s Game. Okay, those are really bad examples, but you’d get it once you turned the last page. A horror story with broken characters finding love when all is lost.